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Improved training with Rilla boosts average sales by $2,000

Preferred Home Services
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$2,000 increase in average sale value

Preferred Home Services, headquartered in Charleston, SC, provides HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services and consultations for homeowners. Committed to a five-star experience for every facet of business, communications with customers must remain informative and effective. Those conversations typically start with the sales team, requiring a consistent process.

Challenges with consistent sales conversations

Preferred Home Services developed a system for communicating with customers, but ensuring consistent implementation was no easy task. Sales managers had to utilize ridealongs to keep an eye on the sales team to ensure everyone was on the same page.

Those ridealongs typically took two to three hours each, quickly eating up sales managers’ time. They needed a more efficient method that could keep management informed and the sales team working the system effectively and fluidly.

Perfecting the process with Rilla

They found a solution in Rilla. Using AI to record conversations, analyze talking points, and generate metrics relative to the Preferred Home Services method, management could keep a closer eye on all sales communications with smaller time commitments.

Additionally, sales team members could review their own Rilla outputs along with colleagues’ files. This allowed for greater collaboration and better communication within the sales team.

According to Ryane Sweeney, the head sales manager for Preferred Home Services, Rilla was a perfect fit.

“It’s very easy. Now everything is at my fingertips. I just pinpoint what I want to look at.” — Ryane Sweeney, Head Sales Manager, Preferred Home Services

Growing leads, conversions, and revenue

Rilla boosted sales metrics across the board, leading to an average sales increase of $2,000.

Sweeney noted that TGL closures increased by 18% while the general close rate grew by 20%, all within four months of adopting Rilla.

One notable success story involved Thomas Hayden. He was the first plumbing sales associate to eclipse $1 million in annual sales, and he saw that success by using Rilla more than anyone else. Focusing on Rilla conversations during downtime in the evenings, he grew his 50% close rate to 71% in just two months.

“Honestly, I listened to Rilla like tenfold of anybody else,” says Hayden.

Even while Rilla boosted sales stats, it also saved time with management. While sales managers previously struggled to complete 10 ridealongs in a week, they could do up to 10 virtual Rilla ridealongs each day with Rilla.

“Before, I would have to go to the call, sit there with the comfort consultant the whole time, and take two to three hours per call. Right now, I’m able to hit each call in about 20 to 30 minutes.”

These positive shifts made a lasting change. As Sweeney described it, “Rilla has made a major shift in the culture at Preferred Home Services in the fact of there’s a lot more communication within departments.”

“Rilla has given Preferred Home Services in our area the competitive advantage of training on a live feed basis and on a daily basis. We’re not only benefiting the company, but we’re benefitting the employee's careers,” said Sweeney.

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