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With Rilla we increased our closing rates by 10%

Beau Crawley
Director of Operations

Rilla helps Five Star Bath Solutions reduce coaching time by 90%

Sam Armstrong
VP of Sales

Rilla helped increase our close rates by 43%

Justin McCullers
Owner and Sales Manager

Rilla has increased our average ticket for technicians by 25%

John Whitfield
General Manager of Mister Sparky

$350,000 increase per rep, per year

John DePaola

Our net close is up over 10% across the board

Brett Cohen
CEO & Owner

My close ratio before Rilla was around 30-32%. In the last couple weeks, I’ve been upwards around 50%

John Shankland

We've seen 20% week over week improvement... our plumbing department has tripled

Kimberly Ray
General Manager

Rilla helped grow our average ticket from $17,000 to $27,000 — a whopping 37%!

Scott Bermann
CEO & Founder

Re-Bath trains new hires to $1,000,000 in 8 months with Rilla

Austin Walling
Re-Bath, LLC

2X increase in average ticket

Tommy Mello
A1 Garage CEO and Founder

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