Frequently Asked Questions on Rilla

Is this legal?


It is perfectly legal to record conversations with homeowners.

If you are in one of the following 11 states, you must obtain consent before you do so: California, Massachusetts, Florida, Maryland, Illinois, Connecticut, Washington, Montana, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Oregon.

Read our recommendations guidelines to learn how you can get consent from your customers easily.

How do reps feel about recording their conversations?

At first, your top performers will hate this. Your middle pack will be concerned. And your newer reps will embrace it.

It takes everyone a few recordings to lose the fear.

After 1 month of using Rilla, your reps become 40-50% better at selling.

At this point, the fear is completely gone. And the top performers become addicted! 

They end up reviewing every single conversation to try to get better every time.

Pella Windows & Doors of Houston
Phil Wright
Sales Manager
Amber Hilton
Sales Success Manager
Door Serv Pro
Paul Wiese
Owner of Door Serv Pro
Mr. Roofing
Mark Schmidt
BathWorks of Michigan
Andrew Sigers
Sales Manager
Your Home Improvement Company
Matt Prestwood
Corporate Sales Manager
Climate Experts
Derek Cormier
CEO & Founder
Lifestyle Home Products
Marcus Carroll
VP of Sales
My Plumber Plus
Sylvia Nestares
Training Manager
Brickworks Property Restoration
Jeremiah Campbell
California Efficiency Group
Jamal Hailey
CEO & Co-Owner
L.J. Stone
Trent Stone
Owner & President
KHB Construction
Ryan Kelly
Ridge Top Exteriors
Beau Crawley
Director of Operations
Five Star Bath Solutions
VP of Sales
Impact Enclosures
Justin McCullers
Owner and Sales Manager
Mister Sparky
John Whitfield
General Manager
Long Home Products
John DePaola
Kitchen Saver
Brett Cohen
CEO & Owner
Mike Evans
Senior Vice President
Rescue Air and Plumbing
Kimberly Ray
General Manager
Florida Window & Door
Scott Bermann
CEO & Founder
Austin Walling
Re-Bath, LLC
Preferred Home Services
Ryane Sweeney
Sales Manager
A1 Garage
Tommy Mello
A1 Garage CEO and Founder
How does the AI work?

We take your sales process and train our AI on it thousands of times so it knows it inside and out.

The AI is custom-tailored to your company, market, and process.

If you don't have a sales script, don't worry.

Our AI will learn from your top performers and hold the rest of your reps to that standard.

How long does it take to get set up?

It takes 1 hour and 45 mins… that’s it! It really is that easy. Book a demo and see for yourself!

Save Time. Coach Better.
Win More.

Book a demo
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