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"Rilla helped grow our average ticket from $17,000 to $27,000 — a whopping 37%!
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Florida Window and Door
Window Replacement
Ticket Size $17K - 27K
"Our net close is up over 10% across the board.
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Kitchen Saver
Kitchen Remodeling
Net close up 10%
"We've seen 20% week over week improvement... our plumbing department has tripled
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Rescue Air and Plumbing
HVAC and Plumbing
Plumbing department tripled

Gain 100% Visibility into Every Sales Conversation

Virtual ridealongs give you recordings, transcriptions, summaries, and analytics from every sales visit. Review them, make comments, create highlights, and more.

“ The team's combined conversion rate has jumped from 44 to 55%  ... and I have to give a lot of credit to Rilla.

Ryane Sweeny, Sales Manager, GoPreferred
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Save Time and Coach 8x Faster

Sales managers who coach with Rilla's AI are 8x faster and 20x more efficient. Give all your reps feedback every day. And allow your managers to coach 2x the number of reps.

“ Before Rilla, each ride-along would take a minimum of 4 hours out of our day. With Rilla, we can literally do 3 ride-alongs in 1 hour. As a result, my team has never sold more.

Lisa Sanders, Sales Director, Reborn Cabinets

Coach from anywhere.

With Rilla, you can coach from anywhere. Your sales managers no longer need to live in a plane. They can coach all your reps right from their home or office.

“ One rep had several months at a 15% conversion rate.
So I went into RIlla and started leaving comments and coaching her after sales appointments. She’s now up to  50% conversion rate!

Roy Moore, Owner, Tailored Remodeling
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Avg increase in close rates.


Avg time savings
for Sales Managers.


Avg increase in ticket price.

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