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Mr. Roofing sees greater ticket sizes and 40% fewer ridealongs

Mr. Roofing
Bigger tickets, 40% fewer ridealongs

Mr. Roofing is one of the highest-rated roofing companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. They stick by their word, so they needed a better way to ensure reps stayed on the same page. But with limited bandwidth and time, increasing ridealongs was impossible. They needed a tool to get granular insights and perform quality control for in-home presentations without leaving the office.

The challenges

Quality training and transparent conversations can be hard to enforce for growing brands like Mr. Roofing.

"There's the contract, and then there's what was said in the conversation," said Mark Schmidt, Chief Operating Officer at Mr. Roofing. "Without someone present for accountability purposes, all we could do is point to the contract and say, 'well, the contract doesn't really say that.'"

The company performed physical ridealongs to train agents and ensure quality standards. But scaling this practice wasn’t possible for busy sales managers like Mark Wendel.

"I've been a sales manager for almost 10 years, and the toughest thing is doing ridealongs alongside other management tasks," he said. "Our original ridealong process was training somebody for two weeks, then throwing them to the wolves. And salespeople don't always tell you the truth about how their day went."

Mr. Roofing needed to overhaul its process to get better insights and move the needle forward.

Rilla offers insights into in-home sales presentations

The team discovered Rilla through the Certified Contractors Network (CNN) and immediately knew it was the right solution for them. Mark Schmidt calls Rilla the "preeminent tool for quality control." It eliminates “they said/they said” conversations and creates a stream of reference content for trainees and reps.

The company's 30-year sales script followed a very specific process, so they needed to ensure a perfect integration during onboarding.

"My concern was just getting our script in there," said Mark Wendel. "But this concern went away as we started to see the data come in."

Within a few weeks, they began to see measurable improvements.

The results

Mr. Roofing decreased physical ridealongs by 40% and increased the average ticket size. They now have more insights to share with leaders throughout the organization and are using this data to explore new business opportunities.

"[Since integrating with Rilla], mentions of financing and financing options have gone way up. This has led to higher close rates, higher ticket sizes, and everything else that comes with using financing."

Mark Wendel has seen reps make improvements to their approach, too. "The metric that improved the most is talking less," he said. "We've gone from an 85% talk rate to a 65% talk rate, and we're not stopping there."

Sales Project Advisor Herman Valencia says Rilla has enabled the personal ownership of success.

"Rilla is going to get you more sales. You're going to close more. It allows more time to dig deep into how you are doing and will allow you to become a more successful person as well."

Today, Mr. Roofing uses Rilla to ensure transparent conversations, sell more products, and stay true to their word. They plan to continue training their reps by tagging them in points of interest and organizing their recorded reference material.

"Every time we use Rilla and hire new people, the one who uses it the most starts selling the fastest,” said Mark Wendel.

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