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How Rilla helped boost close rates by 25%

KHB Construction
10% increase in close rate

KHB Construction likes to set lofty goals. Founded in 2020, the home remodeling company grew quickly, scaling to seven figures and 16 employees in the first year. Today, KHB is pushing to break the eight-figure mark, and to achieve that, their sales team needs to function as effectively as possible.

The challenges

“Prior to Rilla, my biggest challenges were communication and recall. I want to give full attention to detail, but I’m human—I’m going to make mistakes,” said Sales Representative Pierce DeLuna.

When remodeling a home, clients have high expectations. For KHB Construction’s sales reps, it was critical to remember all the details of a sale, not just because this is a key part of excellent customer service, but also to avoid scope creep. 

“We would go over so much information and the client would tell us what they needed, but then the next time we met, it would have changed,” said Sales Representative Treena Estrada. “I felt like I kept missing huge things, and I didn’t want to have to go back to the customer and ask the same question.” 

Rilla reveals important details and enhances training

Rilla provided accountability for both the sales team and their clients, thanks to the ability to review every sales call to ensure no important details were missed. 

“Did they say they wanted blue or green? Did they say what kind of material they wanted? I don’t have to stress that I missed a detail that could impact us eight weeks down the road. I just bring up Rilla and know that I have that information right there,” Pierce explained.

With such a fast-growing company, it’s also essential to get new sales reps trained quickly. “Rilla has allowed us to enhance our sales training and sales process, and increase our success rate,” said CEO and Founder Ryan Kelly. “Rilla saves me time in management by offering me insights into what my team is doing without me having to be there on a ridealong.” 

The results

“Rilla eliminates a lot of stress,” Pierce said. “It makes you feel better doing your job.”

But it’s more than just feelings. Pierce’s close rate went from around 17% to 25% in less than a year. “I attribute that to the coaching, the metrics, and the training that Rilla has allowed us to do in-house to hone the craft,” Ryan explained.

Treena also noticed an improvement in her performance since using Rilla. “I was able to close two deals quicker than before,” she said. “It made every step a lot quicker to move through since I can go back and answer any questions I have right away without having to reach out to the client or talk to somebody else.” She makes use of features that allow users to leave comments within the conversation where she needs help. 

“I feel like even though my manager isn’t with me, he’s always there and knows exactly what’s going on with the project,” Treena said.

“Our success rate has jumped 10% since adopting Rilla,” Ryan shared. “We’re a high-ticket contractor with jobs that typically range from $200,000 to $1.5M. To have that much improvement in such a short amount of time is a real testament to the product.” 

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