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Month-over-month revenue growth for four consecutive months

Door Serv Pro provides professional garage door services for businesses and homes. With a commitment to earning trust, they install, repair, and maintain doors for clients on the East Coast. As part of their trust process, they train sales technicians to educate customers on their options.

The challenge

The Doo Serv Pro team had developed an effective eight-step process for closing deals—but only if sales technicians followed that process. According to Paul Wiese, owner of Door Serv Pro, that sometimes didn’t happen. 

Sales technicians were hitting walls in their sales calls and failing to recognize opportunities. Door Serv Pro needed a way to be in every call, but they lacked the mechanisms to achieve that feat. What they really wanted was a means to evaluate each call without the need for manager presence.

Getting in the call with Rilla

Rilla provided the perfect solution. With automated recording, sales technicians had immediate access to a complete breakdown and recording of each of their calls. More than that, Rilla could analyze each call according to the Door Serv Pro process, showing technicians where they succeeded and where they deviated.

At the same time, leadership could review Rilla recordings with sales technicians to help hone specific skills and correct areas that fell short. Rilla was an educational tool leveraged to build confidence.

While the team was initially reluctant, management worked with them to explain how the tool works, why it’s important, and what it could do for each of them. It took multiple conversations, but the sales technicians ultimately worked Rilla into their regular processes. 

Adam Hanna, service manager, said, “I’ve definitely seen that confidence level gain with the guys being able to read back on their summary.”

Immediate Results

Wiese noted immediate improvements. Despite using Rilla for only four months, he saw consistent revenue growth throughout. The stall was over.

Wiese noticed consistency in his team’s methods, more confidence on calls, and increased effectiveness all around. Despite the technicians voicing initial hesitation to Rilla, once they used it, they understood its value quickly.

What was misunderstood as a spying tool was then understood as a learning tool. When technicians realized they had the freedom to review their own calls without a manager over their shoulders, they adopted the tool and refined their process. Results followed quickly.

Additionally, management used the tool to help technicians spot issues with their methods, recognizing sales language and buying signals that were previously missed.

Paul summarized the Rilla effect easily, “Would I recommend Rilla voice? 100%. Without a doubt. Anybody who wants to grow their revenue by processes in the field, then these are the people to talk to."

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