Brickworks Property Restoration

Rilla helps boost closing rates up to 10% at Brickworks Property Restoration

Brickworks Property Restoration
Closing rates increased up to 10%

Brickworks Property Restoration is the largest residential masonry contractor in southeast Michigan, and one of their biggest UVPs is construction project financing. The team became concerned that their reps weren’t delivering the right sales pitch to reach their desired closing rates. They needed a way to increase accountability—without ridealongs.

The challenges

Brickworks Property Restoration had an accountability problem. They weren’t sure their reps were offering the right solutions in the right way, and they couldn’t verify their guesses with follow-up calls to every customer.

“We were taking what our sales reps were saying at face value,” said owner Jeremiah Campbell. “We used to do a quality QC call on our sales reps, but this would backfire on us because it seemed like we were checking in.”

Physical ridealongs weren’t an option, either. “I literally have zero time to go out and do those,” Jeremiah continued.

So Brickworks decided to try something different, turning to Rilla as a full-service solution.

Using Rilla to right the ship 

Jeremiah met Rilla’s founder, Sebastian, and instantly knew Rilla was the right solution for the job. “He blew my mind with his excitement and his tenacity to continue to make this process better,” Jeremiah said.

Brickworks wasted no time onboarding with Rilla—but not everyone was happy about it.

“My team felt it was Big Brother coming in and watching them,” Jeremiah said. “And actually, that got me excited—because if you’re that worried somebody’s watching you, then you’re doing something you’re not proud of.”

During the transition, Brickworks parted ways with 75% of their sales staff, then rebuilt the business with people who want to be held accountable.

“I now have a sales staff of Thoroughbreds because of Rilla,” Jeremiah said.

The results

Brickworks is expanding and growing every year, and they’ve used Rilla to completely redesign their training program and accommodate more sales reps and field technicians. “Rilla is really giving us an insight on the best avenue to train with everyone learning a little bit differently,” said HR and office manager Abigail Ciccotelli.

Rilla offers more visibility to management and more specific feedback to reps, providing the accountability they didn’t have before.

“Before Rilla, we had to take what reps said at face value. Now, we can see exactly the points that they’re hitting, and get a score within 15 minutes. Then, we can make a highlight reel to share with every other rep,” Jeremiah explains.

The reps who stayed through the adoption have seen impressive performance increases. “Since using Rilla, my closing rate is 7% to 10% higher,” says Kyle Pazzi, sales manager at Brickworks. 

Abigail admits she was initially hesitant about the adoption, but the team has proven to be a great asset.

“I was worried Rilla would be like every other technology and not as user-friendly at the pace we implement change here at Brickworks. However, Rilla has offered us weekly calls and direct lines of communication. They’ve changed and grown with us,” Abigail said.

Rather than relying on guesswork, Brickworks now has immediate insights into rep performance and customer needs—no ridealongs necessary.

“For the first time, my sales reps can say, ‘I’m not a bad salesperson. It’s a bad lead.’ If they follow our proven process and hit their points on Rilla, they can increase their sales rates. We know exactly what we’re doing in real time out in the field,” Jeremiah explained.

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