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BathWorks of Michigan uses Rilla to 2x its reps’ closing rates

BathWorks of Michigan
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75% fewer ridealongs, 2x higher closing rates, and bigger average ticket sizes across the board

BathWorks of Michigan is a bath remodeling company offering shower/tub renovation services to customers of all ages. With more than 8,000 installations in less than four years, they're one of the fastest-growing bath remodeling businesses in the state. But as BathWorks’ reputation grew, bandwidth for ridealongs shrank. They needed an easier process for coaching their reps while scaling their business and ensuring quality outcomes.

The challenges

Sales is the lifeblood of any home renovation company, and for BathWorks of Michigan, it's been a major key to growth. The difficulty comes from scaling effectively, which walks a fine line between sales quality and sales volume.

Mike Eckstein, Sales Designer and Sales Coach at BathWorks of Michigan, required a more practical way to coach his reps. "Sales reps might have a different understanding of a situation than the customer," he said. "I needed to know what was actually happening in the home."

Andrew Sigers, Sales Manager at Bathworks of Michigan, said physical ridelongs made it "really difficult" to get a better view of the individual.

"It's a lot of appointments, two or three running in the course of a day. And it's impossible to be everywhere at all times. We'd have to hire 10 different sales managers just to ride along and listen to them. That's why it was important for us to partner with Rilla."

Rilla means the end of unnecessary ridealongs

BathWorks of Michigan was introduced to Rilla through its partners in the Jacuzzi network. Sigers said, "The reputation that Rilla had was unmatched. [...] It is the primary option for anybody who's looking to have software to monitor their salespeople, to help them improve.”

According to BathWorks of Michigan Outside Sales/Designer Westley Pyper, the company chose Rilla due to the success seen with other companies. BathWorks of Michigan wanted to integrate it with their existing sales process "and ensure we continually have a growth mindset within sales."

Eckstein believed a partnership with Rilla would unlock even more growth opportunities for the team. "We're a very busy company, and it's hard to tag along with 12 sales reps at a time," he said. "So Rilla is key for seeing what our sales reps are doing in the home without actually being in the home."

The results

Since implementing Rilla for its sales and design teams, BathWorks of Michigan has seen unprecedented growth. Sigers says they've seen "everything go up," from their net sales per lead issued (NSLI) to their average ticket size to reps’ closing rates.

Pyper in particular has seen tremendous growth. Since implementing Rilla, he's more than doubled his closing rate. Sigers believes it's the result of BathWorks’ "very strong, tested sales process," which thrives under the structure provided by Rilla.

"Rilla has helped us ensure we're implementing a strong process for a sales team. You can always opt for free and crazy, but success comes when everything is process-oriented. There's no way to know whether or not that process is followed without having Rilla to monitor it." — Andrew Sigers, Sales Manager at BathWorks of Michigan

BathWorks of Michigan also used Rilla to cut their physical ridealongs by 75%. "Now we're down to just one physical ridealong with whichever sales rep needs it the most," Eckstein says.

Today, BathWorks of Michigan relies on Rilla to better understand their teams. They've seen a steady increase in all their metrics and would never go back to their old way of doing things.

"It was the right decision for our team to partner with Rilla, especially with wanting to grow and scale. Having a system like Rilla was necessary to have that growth." — Westley Pyper, Outside Sales/Designer, BathWorks of Michigan Designer

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