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Rush Profits Partners with Rilla to Become a Rilla Certified Coach
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Rush Profits Partners with Rilla to Become a Rilla Certified Coach

NEW YORK - January 08, 2023 - Rilla, the leading speech analytics software for the home improvement industry, is partnering with Rush Profits, a premier in-home sales training company for the trades.

Rush Profits is on a mission to uplevel small business owners in the United States to allow them to attain a higher quality of life for them and their families.

In service of this mission, Rush Profits has developed a world-class, proven sales system. When implemented properly, their process supercharges growth for home services companies.

Executing on sales process implementation is an age-old problem in the trades, and it’s a bottleneck that Rush Profits was no stranger to. With this partnership, Rush Profits’ sales trainers will now be able to ride-along on every appointment their clients have and guarantee success for their contractors.

“I currently travel over 250 days a year doing live in-home ride-alongs.  This partnership with Rilla is a game changer for our company and our clients.  Instead of analyzing three appointments per day, we will be able to analyze hundreds”

said Alan Rush, Chief Executive Officer at Rush Profits. Alan continued

“I’m so excited to bring on Kevin Rogers to lead this AI division. Kevin has 25 years in software/technology sales, managing sales teams and assisting companies turn around their sales team. He has the perfect blend of experience to analyze data and pinpoint areas for continuous improvement and praise”

With Rilla and Rush Profits, contractors can get access to a world-class sales process and a guarantee that their sales reps are following through on every appointment. This synergy ensures that businesses not only learn the best sales tactics but also consistently apply them in real-world scenarios, leading to measurable growth and enhanced customer satisfaction.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with Alan Rush and his team at Rush Profits. They have built a name for themselves in the industry as a leader in transforming businesses through sales excellence” said Sebastian Jimenez, CEO of Rilla. “With this partnership, we are empowering them to take the next step in their journey with super coaches that can not only teach your reps how to sell, but also hold them accountable on every appointment”

About Rilla

Rilla is the leading speech analytics software for the home improvement industry. That means when your techs go out and talk to homeowners in the home, they record their conversations with the Rilla mobile app. Rilla’s AI automatically transcribes, analyzes, and gives them feedback to improve their close rates and help their managers save dozens of hours every month. Rilla is backed by world-class investors, including Bessemer Venture Partners, Crew Capital, Broom Ventures, Comma Capital, and others.

About Rush Profits
The Mission and Vision of Rush Profits is extremely simple.  “To be a world class sales training company in the United States that helps small business owners develop and enhance their sales people, systems and processes so they can all attain a higher quality of life for them and their families.” It does not matter how many opportunities an organization is able to generate if those opportunities do not ultimately convert into sales, profit and lifetime customers.

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