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Power Selling Pros and Rilla Announce Strategic Partnership to Transform Home Service Contractor Performance

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New York City, March 5th 2024 – Power Selling Pros, a leader in customer experience and sales coaching for contracting businesses, and Rilla, the leading speech analytics software for the home services industry, today announced a groundbreaking partnership to revolutionize the way Home Service Contractors coach their sales and service teams. This collaboration aims to transform raw, conversational data into actionable coaching insights, accelerating the growth of the industry by equipping contractors with AI superpowers.

Through this partnership, Rilla enables contractors to record all technician interactions with homeowners, uncovering invaluable insights into their service quality and customer relations. Recognizing the busy schedules and multiple hats that leadership often juggles, Power Selling Pros massive quality assurance team will now step in to analyze this data, providing mutual customers with clear, actionable feedback and direct coaching opportunities to grow their businesses.

Key Benefits:

  1. Accelerated Improvement: Faster coaching insights leads to faster close rate and ticket size growth
  2. Customized Coaching: Flexible coaching using Rilla technology. Done by Power Selling Pros through direct to Tech SMS, based on the contractor’s needs
  3. Guaranteed Visibility: Power Selling Pros monitoring provides enhanced oversight of technician performance and process adherence
"Partnerships like this are a game-changer for the industry," said Barry Gates, VP of Business Development for Power Selling Pros. "By combining Rilla's cutting-edge recording technology with our expertise in performance coaching, we can unlock unprecedented value for home service contractors, making their operations not just more efficient but also more effective."
 Sebastian Jimenez, CEO of Rilla, added, "We are incredibly excited to be launching this partnership with Power Selling Pros. Empowering some of the best home service coaches in the world to be everywhere, all at once, with our technology is a no-brainer. We can’t wait to see all the new multi-million home services businesses that this will create."

About Power Selling Pros

Power Selling Pros is the premier coaching and quality assurance firm dedicated to elevating the performance of contracting businesses. Through the use of recorded CSR and Technician calls, PSP creates actionable insights and provides ongoing personalized coaching. Power Selling Pros transforms customer service interactions into opportunities for growth and success.

About Rilla

Rilla is the leading speech analytics software for the home improvement industry. That means when your techs go into the home, and talk to home-owners, they record their conversations with the Rilla mobile app. Rilla’s AI automatically transcribes, analyzes, and gives them feedback to improve their close rates and help their managers save dozens of hours every month.

For more information on the partnership or to learn how it can benefit your contracting business, visit or book a demo here.

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