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Grosso University Partners with Rilla to Become the First Rilla-Certified Coaching Organization

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NEW YORK - December 28, 2023 - Rilla, the leading speech analytics software for the home improvement industry, is partnering with Grosso University, the premier sales training and coaching organization in the home improvement industry.

Grosso University has a long tradition of helping contractors grow their home improvement businesses. Dominic Caminata, following in the footsteps of Rick Grosso, has built a household name in sales coaching with battle-tested tactics and delivery.

While live sales training is effective, there is always a drop-off post training as sales reps return to their ways and forget the lessons they learned.

For the first time ever, Grosso University’s sales trainers will be able to ride-along on sales reps’ appointments directly and make sure they’re following the Grosso process on every lead to maximize their close rates.

“We are finding that the combined power of Rilla and Grosso University is supercharging the performance of sales teams nationwide!” said Dominic Caminata, Chief Executive Officer at Grosso University. “Our sales methodology provides sales coaches with the roadmap to the sale, then Rilla gives them the priceless visibility and accountability to optimize their coaching efforts! It’s truly a gift for us and our clients!”

With this partnership, Grosso becomes the first coaching organization in the home improvement industry that can ride-along on every sales appointment their clients have. With Rilla and Grosso, contractors can get access to a world-class sales process, and a guarantee that their sales reps are executing it on every appointment.

“We started working with Grosso University early in our journey - the value of having a sales process combined with a tool that guarantees the usage of that process was clear to us,” said Sebastian Jimenez, CEO of Rilla. “With this partnership, we’re essentially creating a new category of super coaches that can not only teach your reps how to sell, but also hold them accountable on every appointment”

About Rilla

Rilla is the leading speech analytics software for the home improvement industry. That means when your techs go out and talk to homeowners in the home, they record their conversations with the Rilla mobile app. Rilla’s AI automatically transcribes, analyzes, and gives them feedback to improve their close rates and help their managers save dozens of hours every month. 

About Grosso University

Grosso University is the premier sales training organization for the Home Improvement industry.  Empowering sales leaders and reps with Legendary Training for the Modern World, Grosso University provides best in-class coaching and consulting services. In addition to training the proven Grosso 11-step Selling System, Grosso University provides a full suite of professional studio services to create world-class customized training content specific to the needs of individual home improvement companies, complete with the latest in learning management technology to streamline implementation. From recruiting and interviewing through training and accountability, Grosso University is your one-stop shop for maximizing growth and profitability.

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